At Pakiri we have a variety of lovely and safe horses to suit each and every individual rider. We would like to introduce some of our amazing crew to you.

All our horses are chosen for their kind temperaments and their unflappable attitudes. They are forward going and relaxed and we keep them kind by rotating their work schedules and treating them well. Those used on the long multi day rides are chosen for their courage, fitness and dependability in all and unexpected situations.

Pakiri Beach Horse Rides has 60 horses who are currently working as trekking horses, plus some of the Arabian stud horses are ridden by our guides and by experienced riders doing the multi day treks.

These horses live in a herd and have their own hierarchy and politics which we all respect. They live out all year in grassy paddocks. The only horses stabled here are stabled at night only and they are our two Arabian stallions and the young stock we are weaning or showing. The trekkers consist of mainly crossbred station horses which we source from either the Far North or the East Coast.