Winter Newsletter

Matariki - June 2017.

Winter is here again and we are having some glorious clear crisp days...beautiful light and on some of the greyer days the beach is dramatically beautiful...brooding and ethereal. I just love my daily walks with the dogs in the late afternoon and my rides along it are always a joy no matter what the weather!!

Promotional film - TuTira Mai

We were involved with the filming of Glen Osborne’s promotional film for the All Blacks/Lions tour cheer song...TuTira Mai.

It was a perfect warm, sunny, clear day, my little Arab horses behaved impeccably and the local children and my whanau were fabulous…such stars all of them.


Not one but two dogs ruling my life now...

A rescue 1 year 2 months old...Ziggy Stardust... He’s very very bright a little foxy very agile and a real Houdini he can escape from anywhere! And Osti has settled down now ...quite sensible and trying to keep Ziggy good!

Three New Staff

I am happy to welcome to our staff 3 lovely new girls...Ljana who will be helping in my office and also guiding treks and Hannah and Laura who are both fabulous with the horses and a lovely trekking guides, we are so lucky to have them and I’m looking forward to a great year coming!


NEXT RIDING HOLIDAY CAMP 9 – 13 th October 2017.

October school holidays are not far away and we have a camp date for the riding camp 9th to 13 th October. We have repainted and re carpeted the bunk rooms and they are looking really snug and good!

We have had some fabulous birthday parties here lately…high teas for hen parties and pony parties for children...lots of fun!


Term 2 and 3 riding lessons have been such fun and the riding lessons after school are going so well...

These kids are so confident around the ponies now and some are trotting confidently! Next term we will be doing lessons again and will also be available for other groups.

Invigorate and rejuvenate yourselves over winter enjoy a ride in the brisk air along a moody and ethereal beach on a friendly, happy horse it is amazing how good you will feel!!!


Don’t be put off by grey skies and a little rain you will be astounded at how beautiful it is here on the beach… just bring a warm jacket and a change of clothes in case you need to change after your ride...however most days when it is raining elsewhere the weather in Pakiri is fine!! You can always phone to check with us after 9am in the morning.

To finish with a lovely happy photo that I really like...coming home!!!