Horse Riding Tips & Tricks

We want you to enjoy your trip with us to the fullest. Here are a few tips and tricks to help.

Avoiding aches and pains

Golden Rules

A Horse's Perspective

Getting Involved

Getting involved is one of the key elements of these rides and for most people adds much to their experience.

You will be responsible for the grooming and saddling of your own horse each day. Your guides will instruct and assist you in this and check your horse before you set out each day.

Your guides will appreciate your assistance in other areas whilst on the trek: ie helping prepare food, doing dishes, grooming, feedingĀ  andsaddling horses, packing and loading gear.

What we supply

What you should bring

Our Gear

We pride ourselves on the quality and condition of the tack and equipment we supply.

All equipment starts a trek clean and oiled, and everything is inspected at the beginning of the ride and at the end and sent for repairs if necessary. Spares of vital tack are carried in case of unavoidable mishap.Saddles: We ride in light weight Wintec saddles which we have found after years of experience ,to be the best for our horses backs when ridden by a variety of riders., for heavier riders we use the Australian style stock saddle made famous by "The Man From Snowy River". They have breast plates and circingles. A synthetic wool saddle cover can be supplied for extra comfort.

Bridles: Our horses are ridden in snaffle bits, fitted to English and stock bridles.


Pakiri Beach Horse Rides